Communication skills that impress your date


8 ways to impressive your dates with your polished communication skills

Dating someone from different culture back ground is very exciting, but at the same time is reportedly the greatest challenge when it comes to make it work. And what’s behind that?
Are you concern about stumbling, or being thought foolish, or not being a ‘great orator’? But the truth is that very few people are born great communicators… they learn the ropes, they learn the strategies, and they develop better skills. They all started somewhere, and no matter what situation your speaking skill is now at, you can further develop and polish it, with a few smart strategies.

1. Speak on your passion

This is the best piece of advice when it comes to dating. Often the nerves kick in when you aren’t confident enough in what you are talking about. Therefore make sure you talk about what you are passionate about. Rule of thumb, if you had to get up and speak at a crowed of strangers what would the topic(s) be?

2. Be a good listener before be a speaker

You have to be a good listener to be able to understand your component. To learn about their culture background, custom, tradition and their special culture attributes, then you will have a good understanding of who are you talking to and how to lead a interesting conversation.

3. Practice

You also need to practice when you are alone. Write down an introduction about yourself or topic you would like to talk about, record yourself so you can see your strengths and weaknesses. Deliver practice speeches to family and friends, and ask them for constructive feedback.

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4. Dress to impress

If you want to make a good impression, look the part. This will build your confidence and also set the scene for your component that you are GOOD before you even open your mouth. Make sure the outfit you are wearing is one that you feel comfortable and confident in.

5. Keep your each topic short and sweet

Choose topics that interesting; suggest you stay away from politics, sensitive issuers. Not to look around when you are talking, keep eyes contact otherwise will give the impression you are not confident in what you are speaking about. So keep their attention on you.

6. Stop saying um and er….

This is purely a result of nerves. Instead of saying um, er or another ‘tic’, be silent and think. Silence is a good thing and a great way to break up your talk.

7. Embrace the adrenaline

Men or women we all get it. That feeling you get when you see someone is really attractive or handsome … your mouth gets dry, your heart races … this is normal. Everyone get it. It is adrenaline. Use it to your advantage. You want to start your conversation with excitement. Just take one deep breath and mile, you are in and go for gold.

8. Understanding Western culture & Asian culture

If you are an Australian man and interested in meeting Asian Women, first thing you need to learn is about Asian Women and Asian culture.

What Asian women are looking for in Australian men?

Why Asian women are interested in Australian men?

What Asian women like in men or what they don’t like?

Questions men need to know before take an Asian woman out on a date.

Questions are also vise versa for Asian women to think about.

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