Are you ready for love and romance when Christmas is coming?

Summer is coming, a great time to enjoy the beach and sunset.

Christmas is around the corner, a grand festival for reunion.

Are you longing to feel the love and passion on holidays?

Are you looking to date a lovely Asian woman in your life?

In such a festive season, John and Mary are going on Honeymoon to Tasmania. When I first introduced that lovely Asian lady Mary to John, John was impressed by Mary’s sweet smile, slim body and elegant attribute. Mary said her heart beats fast the first time she met such an Australian gentleman. They fell in love after getting to know each other. Although they come from different cultural backgrounds, genuine wish and sincere feelings help them to overcome all lumps and humps. Now they have been together happily over one year.

If you have someone special in your life, I wish you all the best.

If you are still single, you don’t have to be lonesome.

I am here for you to find the one, who loves you, pampers you and companies you through the happiness and sorrow of life.

Contact AJ is here for you. Our passion & mission is to find love for you!

We specialize in matchmaking between East Asian ladies and Australian men for 3 decades.

Call me now, you will meet someone special in your area today, and bonus of a surprising Christmas gift!

Yours in love & happiness

Cross-Cultural Matchmaker
Ph: 0417558888

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