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Love has no boundaries – Happy love story by Contact AJ

When love is tapping at your window, can you really grab it and keep it tightly… Today we’re sharing the love story of Cathy & Michael.

Cathy: I joined Contact AJ in February, 2019. It’s recommended by my good friend who’s also AJ’s member. I always thought a woman should have love and family no matter how successful she is. Otherwise it could be an awful thing. I didn’t talk too much about what I want because I was living in Hong Kong where there’s very crowded and populated. So I just want to find a Western man who lives in the countryside in Australia. So Katherine introduced Michael to me. Firstly I didn’t have a good impression on him because his picture looked like a farmer. But Katherine told me he’s a kind, hardworking and successful businessman. So I agreed to “meet” him via video call. After meeting and talking to him. I really felt very good about him. He’s sincere, very masculine, kind and humorous. I particularly love his smile just like a child, very cute. I think we had very strong chemistry as well. So he managed to fly to Hong Kong to meet me in September and I flied to see him in Australia several times too. With the help and support from Katherine and Contact AJ, certainly we were married last month after one year of dating 💏🎎 I’m just so happy and appreciated. Thank you Contact AJ and Katherine!!


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