Lili and Mark

What a nice love-finding trip!


At first, after my first marriage disintegrated, I thought maybe I could live alone and be by myself. But, after a while, I had the strong feeling that I wanted to have a happy home, again.

After a friend recommended, I became a member of Contact AJ. I’m writing this letter to thank you about you bring my true love to my life and help our single friends to have a home again.

Today I want to thank Katherine Wei. Without your enthusiastic matchmaker skills and your help, I would never have found Mark, my soulmate, in such a large and lonely city.  Many of us spend years obsessing about meeting a soulmate, but fail to notice what we are really asking for. You were able to understand us better than we understood ourselves!

We are about to get married. My future husband is caring, mature, responsible. We trust each other.

After both our failed marriages, to come together and find this, we both hope this marriage will be our final destination.

I hope all the members in Contact AJ will find their true love, just like Mark and I.”

Thank you Contact AJ!

-Lilli & Mark


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