Winter Dating Inspiration

Winter Dating Inspiration

As the cooler weather sets in and things get a bit chilly, don’t let winter dampen your dating spirit. Rather than hiding away indoors, winter is actually the perfect time to venture out and make some new connections

Whilst we may feel more social in summer, this time of year can be perfect for your first meeting or date. It is far better to negotiate your way through that slightly awkward first date chatter in a place where you can actually hear yourself talk and are not squeezed up too tightly to the table next-door.

In winter, the restaurants, cafes and bars can be a little quieter – this offers many advantages including making recognising your date from their profile picture a little easier…

If you live in one of the cooler states, why not take advantage of the chillier climes by finding a place to meet that is cosy and warm. Think red wine and an open fire to create some romance.

If you’re a little further along the dating process and in the getting to you know you phase, wintery weekend afternoons are great for lingering over a long lunch or bunkering down and cooking up a slow roast feast.

The cooler weather brings a sense of indulgence and a slower pace. Close to home, you can happily catch a daytime movie without feeling guilty that you are not outside. For those who want to get away, why not venture into your local wine country for some tastings?

If you are looking for something more active, take on one of Australia’s many coastal walks or hiking trials. You won’t have to battle it out against the summer sun and insects. And if the outdoors isn’t your thing, there is a plethora of art and culture across the country this winter.

So don’t get the winter blues. Who knows, if you put in the groundwork now, by spring you may have found romance.

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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