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After a cold winter, warm and sunny spring is coming to Australia. It’s a season to love, to kiss and to embrace. But, due to modern lifestyle, many people feel lonely and find it hard to meet to the right partner. Contact AJ Matchmakers continue to help those loving heart and lonely soul to find love and happiness for three decades. We select some featured single women from our 2500-member database this month, and help our ladies to meet genuine single men across Australia. If you’re a genuine professional single man, don’t hesitate to contact us. The best love life is yet to come. A date may last a lifetime!

No.1 Jessica

Jessica is business consultant working in Sydney CBD. She is professional, educated and elegant. She is hard working and family oriented, loving and caring. She is looking for a gentleman to love, to laugh together and to share simple things in life.


No.2 Jennifer

Jennifer is a music teacher working in Melbourne. She loves singing and dancing. She can sing like a bird and dance like a butterfly. She is sensual and attractive, witty and creative. She is looking for a passionate and active man to enjoy life adventures together.


No. 3 Miranda

Miranda is a doctor working in Brisbane. She is smart and brilliant. She lives a healthy lifestyle and keeps a good shape. She enjoys reading and travelling. She is a happy go lucky girl who is looking for a long-term partner to see the world together.


From September 2018, Contact AJ Cross-cultural Matchmakers select featured single members once a month. It’s our vision and mission to help our members find the One and keep the One. There’re more than 2500 genuine singles registered with us, it’s time for you to open your heart and open your arms to embrace.


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