Get Him to Like YOU-Top Dating Tips by Katherine

Top tips to get him to like you, dating.


When you’re looking for love, sometimes it can be difficult to know whatthe best way is to get him to notice you.

1. Be comfortable in yourself

A woman who is comfortable in herself is very sexy. Being comfortable isnot about having a pretty face and a beautiful body, it is about beingcomfortable with who you are and loving yourself completely.

2. Keep it natural, less is more

I constantly hear gentlemen say they prefer a natural, fresh faced womanwith little make up. It is important to keep your makeup to a minimum. But youneed to remove unwanted facial hair, tidy eye brows and invest in the rightskin care for your face, so your skin always has a healthy glow. That way youcan put on a little concealer and lip gloss and you’re ready to go.

3. Wear colours, not all black

Guys love it when a woman is feminine. An easy way to subtly say thatyou’re a feminine woman is to incorporate some soft colours into your wardrobe.If you keep the colour in the top half it will draw attention to your face andbrighten up your outfit. When you’re picking your colours go for softer onesthat compliment your eye and skin tone.

4. Eye contact

With a smile are nice and inviting. It is a common curtsy that you showyour interests in the person who you are talking too by using eye contact andthat he will feel more comfortable and pay attention to you.

5. Talk to him – build good rapport

Be open.  99% ofmen are thrilled when a woman initiates a conversation. Find some other pointthat you might have in common and have a quick chat. Remember to keep it briefthough.  You want him to want to find out more!

6. First Impression last forever

You never get a second chance at Love at First Sight. The first momentsyou are met – and he gets a glimpse of you – can be decisive. Herein lies a“like/ don’t like” decision. Scientists tell us that love’s seed are often sownduring the first few minutes of a relationship. Be prepared!

7. Show him your happy side personality

I often have gentlemen tell me that they like an out going, happy golucky and friendly girl; a girl who can makes them laugh. Put yourself in ahappy mind-set when you leave home for a date.  And keep smiling duringyour dating.

8. Be confident in yourself

Many gentlemen told me that they find women who are confident are veryinteresting, challengeable and sexy.

They are most attractive qualities every gentleman wants from a womanwhom they want to be their lifepartner.