Leah & Josh


Love has no boundaries – Happy love story by Contact AJ

Leah is a beautiful mature Chinese lady and Josh is a Western gentleman, they had been introduced by Contact AJ for two weeks. Leah thought Josh is a gentle, loving, caring, family oriented and responsible man. It’s exactly what she wants. But there’s only one issue which bugs Leah a lot – Josh’s age is quite a few years older than what she likes. Leah is so hesitant so she came to see Katherine:

Leah: Katherine, thanks for introducing Josh to me. After two weeks contact, I think he’s really a nice guy and got the most what I want in a relationship. But his age…

Katherine: Lovely Leah, no one is perfect and nothing is perfect either. The most important is what you want. Stick to your priority. If this man ticked your box 9 out of 10, I think you won the lottery already! Age is just a number, if he can give you the love & the lifestyle you always wanted, then he’s the one!

Leah thought it over for a while, then nodded and smiled. Helped by Contact AJ, Leah and Josh are getting married now after 6 months.

What people like about Contact AJ is that we genuinely care about our clients before, during and after introduction. We’re able to assist along your love journey with our professional advices and experiences to improve the cross cultural communication between Western man and Asian woman.

Love is what everyone wants and needs. But it’s a hard job to keep it. Most people need professional guidance and coaching on the way to his/her ultimate happiness…

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