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Cross-Cultural Love Mentor – Katherine Wei

Are you single and frustrated?

Don’t know why you aren’t achieving success in your personal life?

You are invited to Katherine Wei’s exclusive cross-cultural love coaching programs.

Katherine Wei is Australia’s cross-cultural relationship expert, love mentor, dating guru and a leading matchmaker. Katherine brings over 30 years of expert experience to all matters of love and romance, dating, forming relationships and maintaining them, interracial issues and cross-cultural boundaries.

 ♥ One-on-one personalised coaching
 ♥ No gimmicks, just real, practical advice
 ♥ Get expert help, to put your BEST self forward

Katherine provides coaching for singles and for couples

If you are in a relationship but want advice on how to keep the spark alive, how to take your relationship to the next level, or freeing yourself from “relationship ghosts” (issues or baggage from negative previous relationships, or issues with exes), Katherine’s coaching can help you take control of your love life.

Take positive steps towards your goals! Be guided by Katherine as your personal mentor and discover the keys to the success you want in love.

For more details or to book your first session, please call 1300 292 899 or email kwei@contactaj.com.au

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