Make the first date a winner !


The importance of making the right impression:

The “job interview-by-candlelight”.

  • Personal presentation –dress to impress, no runners, smart causal
  • Know your product – what have I got to offer? What are your good points?
  • Know your target – ask your consultant questions, read the profile –what is she looking for? Think about what the woman is looking for because this will guide as to what you should be doing / not doing.
  • Location, location! Where do we meet? Not too fancy but not Starbucks either!
  • What to talk about and not talk about on your first date. Ask her general questions –what she likes, where has she travel to? Show an interest in her. Nothing too personal on first date.
  • No negative comments about anything or anyone.
  • Keep the timing about one hour
  • Who pays? Normally the man pays but if she insists then you can say something like:  It’s my pleasure and it’s lovely to meeting you.

Your attitude shapes your behaviour. Are you prepared to make this relationship an investment in your future or just want to have a good time? Think about this before your first date because it will shape the date and the future.

Katherine Wei

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