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When a woman reach the age of 40, she normally become more mature, understanding and caring. When an Asian woman reach the age of 40, she still looks young, keeps a good shape while becoming more charming as a mature woman, just like some of our members at Contact AJ cross-cultural Matchmaker.

No.1 Alice

Alice is a teacher working in a primary school. She is educated and elegant, gentle and sweet, loving and caring. She loves gardening, hiking and music. She is looking for a gentleman aged 40s to early 60s to enjoy life together.


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No.2 Amy

Amy is a business woman. She is smart and witty, hard working and family orientated, mature and professional. She loves reading, art, winery and dining out. She is looking for a passionate and professional man to share the good and bad times in life and support each other through the life journey.


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No. 3 Selena

Selena is an accountant working in Sydney CBD. She is bright and brilliant, easy going and fun loving. She enjoys cooking and travelling. She is searching for her soul mate who loves her, understands her and inspires her.


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These genuine women are selected by Contact AJ Cross-cultural Matchmakers as featured single members for the month. It’s our vision and mission to help our members find the One and keep the One. There’re more than 2500 genuine singles registered with us, it’s time for you to open your heart and open your arms to embrace.

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