Paul and Caroline

We Are Engaged!

We were matched on June 15, 2015. Paul had been a Contact AJ member for more than one year and had been matched with many women. I had just recently signed up for Contact AJ and had only been out on one other date. Paul was travelling from Canberra to Sydney for a work function and thought it would be fun to meet me for a coffee date on Saturday morning. The coffee date went so well that he invited me to spend the day with him and a few of his co-workers.

The next weekend Paul drove down to visit me in Sydney. We spent the next year or so driving back and forth each weekend! It was hard not to be able to see each other during the week, but we spent virtually every weekend together. We are engaged and plan to marry in the very near future.

We’re both so thankful for Contact AJ, because without it, we would have never met. I think we both were doubting if we would ever meet the perfect person that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. There were lots of disappointments along our dating journey, but when we finally met each other we both knew it was right.


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