Ross and Me

I Found my Love One through Contact AJ

Thousands of men and ladies are looking for their soul mate all around the world; many try to find love here from ContactAJ. I was one of them. Now I want to share my story with others for them to know that happiness will always come to those who believe and do not stop.

It took me two years to find Ross. Yes! Two long years of search and hopes and dreaming.

Of course, I met good men at ContactAJ and made some friends even but nobody was ever like Ross to me. Nobody was ever willing to see me happy as much as he was, nobody was ever so caring to me and my little daughter and that means so much for a mother!!

It took time for our relationship to develop. We had misunderstandings because of language barrier and some cultural differences, but when there is genuine wish and sincere feelings, all that can be overcome. Our story is a great example of that!

Ross has liked Queensland so much that he even moved here to be with me. We’ve lived together for 8 months, now. We are planning to get married soon.

I wish every person’s life could change in same wonderful way as ours. You just have to believe. Thank ContactAJ for helping us find our life partner! We could never happier than this.

Thank you Katherine!

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