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Sing Tao is Australia’s largest Chinese newspaper.

They interviewed Katherine Wei for her insights as a cross-cultural matchmaker who been helping the Chinese community in Australia find love, for the last 32 years.

They asked her, “What are single women looking for in men, and what are single men looking for in women?”

Katherine said,
“The majority of women are looking for the qualities of honesty, loyalty, stability and decency, in a man.
Most men are seeking women who possess good looks, intelligence, independence and traditional values regarding marriage.”

Sing Tao asked,
Why do so many people stay single for so long?

In her work, Katherine has studied many cases of single men and women. She responded,
“The main reason why people remain single for a very long time, is because they don’t want to leave their comfort zone or make any changes.
They become used to only considering what they want for themselves, and rarely are able to ask themselves hobestly who they are and what sort of person would be suitable for them.”

In the article, Katherine advises,
“If you don’t want be alone, it’s important to challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone, be open minded and adventurous, be realistic and challenge your own mindset.”

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