Sunshine and Justin


Dream man, dream life – and I almost missed out!  

Hello … it’s Sunshine.

Sometimes, during my busy day, when I would receive a phone call from the consultants at Contact AJ, I did not know how to deal with them. I’m so glad they were patient with me! Because thanks to their hard work and help, my days are now busy because I am preparing for my wedding! I can’t believe it – I’m finally getting married!

As soon as I met Justin, I did not feel uncomfortable and uneasy like I had with other guys. I had a feeling that he was my soulmate … Justin told me that I had the same idea.

After our wedding, we will settle near Justin’s parents, who live in the countryside. We were fortunate to have bought the land next door, and will build a beautiful house there.

Thank you so much Katherine and the Contact AJ team for helping me find my Justin. I am also grateful to Alice, who always kindly counseled me and gave me lots of details about the man, the situation and advice on how I should be.

Many members of Contact AJ are looking for a good love and a happy family. I wish everyone the same luck as Justin and me!

Thank you.

– Sunshine

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Sunshine 이에요..저

드디어 Justin O’connell 씨랑 결혼해요…

좋은분 소개 해주셔셔 정말 감사드립니다.예전에 ContactAJ 의 많은 컨설턴트 분들이 가끔 제가 나감하거나, 상대방을 어떻게 대할줄 몰랐을때 잘 가르쳐주셨고,제가 방황했을때 근무외에에도전화받아주시고, 상담까지 해주셨습니다.지금은 행복한 결혼 준비에 바쁜나날을 보내고 있어요…저희는 결혼후 저스틴씨의 부모님은 시골에 사시는데,저희는 운좋게 바로 옆집에 땅찾았고,그곳에 예쁜집을 짓고 살 예정이에요.

전에도 남자들을 만날때면 항상 허전하고, 누군가를 만나고 싶다는 생각을 항상해왔고,그런데 저스틴씨를 만나면 편안하고 불안하지가 않았어요…이사람이 나의 반려자구나 하는 생각이 들었어요…

저스틴도 똑같은 생각을 했었다고 말을 하더라구요..이제서야 제 짝을 만난것같아요..

Katherine 씨 저스틴씨를 소개해주셔셔 정말 감사드립니다. 또한 언제나 친절하게 상담해 주시고 세세한 도움을 주신 Alice 씨 정말 감사 드립니다.또한

ContactAJ 의 많은 회원들 모두 좋은 사랑을 찾으셔서 행복한 가정을 꾸리시기 바랍니다.감사합니다..

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