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13/05/19 – 19/05/19

Hi everyone!
Welcome to our new weekly Newsletter!
Every week from now on we will be sharing with you useful dating information that we hope will enhance and improve your dating experience. Also we will be presenting to you our Member of the Week, showcasing on a weekly basis one of our lovely lady Members.
The newsletters are designed for you, our valued members and those thinking of joining us, so we would be happy to hear from you with any suggestions.

Dating Tip of the Week

Communication: The Skill of Conversation

A good conversation is like a game of catch. One person tosses a ball, the other person catches the ball and tosses it back. Back and forth. Face to face conversation is what makes us human. Technology is a part of everyday life but replacing face to face conversation with phone or text conversations has deprived us from developing this very important skill.

Good communication is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship. When starting a new relationship is important to be able to talk about what you both want and for the other person to understand. Here are some tips:

Learn to create a real connection
Be present. Be in the moment
Remember that you always have something to learn from the other person
Use open-ended questions such as “What is your favourite memory from childhood?”
It’s okay to say “I don’t know”.
Don’t equate your experience with theirs. All experiences are unique
Keep the conversation flowing. Try not to repeat yourself.

And a final tip from Katherine:

Talk about the things you are passionate about! This is the best piece of advice when it comes to communicating with your date. Often the nerves kick in when you don’t feel confident enough in what you are talking about, therefore make sure you talk about what you are passionate about. Something to think about: if you had to get up and speak to a group of people about the things you enjoy the most, what would they be?

Member of the Week


Contact AJ is happy to introduce Natasha, a caring, loving professional lady who loves life and has a wide range of interest, including reading, travelling and keeping in great shape. She is looking for an honest, hardworking and fun-loving gentleman for a long-lasting relationship.
Although currently living in Adelaide, South Australia, Natasha is willing to travel anywhere in Australia to meet the love of her life.
If you would like to contact Natasha, please contact us via Contact form or call 1300 292 899.

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