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27/05/19 – 02/06/19

Hi everyone!
We trust you had a great week and of course a great weekend! We are just amazed at the great response we have received from you about our newsletter and of course our “Member of the Week” section has been a massive success, with our featured ladies proving to be very popular with you gentlemen. Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get a chance to meet our “Member of the Week” because at Contact AJ we have many more beautiful ladies for you to meet. All you need to do is contact us to discuss how!

Dating Tip of the Week

What is the Asian woman looking for in a Western man?

  • The man is mature minded and has a sense of responsibilities
  • The man knows and interested about the culture background with the woman he is going to date and to form a loving relationship with
  • The man is respectful, reliable, kind and generous
  • The man who is willing to learn and understand her and care about her feelings what is important to her (career / family / commitment)
  • The man who is not afraid of commitments and able to lead
  • The man does not only care about what he wants but also what she wants, and willing to work together as a team
  • Asian women like men who is family orientated and likes home life
  • You must show Asian women why you like them and how they fit into your life
  • Asian women like Western men’s strong, healthy physical attribute
  • Asian women like Western men’s positive, optimistic outlook on life
  • Asian women like Western men’s open communication in relationship

And a final tip from Katherine:

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of learning about Asian culture and what an Asian woman expects from a relationship with a Western man if you want to have successful relationship or a satisfying dating experience with an Asian woman. At Contact AJ I personally provide our Members with coaching on how to achieve this.

Member of the Week


This beautiful lady is Mei. She describes herself as positive, optimistic and fun loving, loves learning about new things and different cultures and has a wide range of interests, including reading, watching movies, cooking and travelling.
Mei is looking for a mature man who has a positive attitude towards life, is honest, kind, financially independent and family-oriented. And she hopes you like Asian food and its culture!
If you would like to meet Mei, please contact us via Contact form or call 1300 292 899.
Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook or at our website www.contactaj.com.au
Till next week!

yours in love & happiness;


Katherine Wei

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