What is the Asian woman looking for in a Western man?


What is the Asian woman looking for in a Western man?

  • The man is mature minded and has a sense of responsibilities
  • The man knows and interested about the culture background with the woman he is going to date and to form a loving relationship with
  • The man is respectful, reliable, kind and generous
  • The man who is willing to learn and understand her and care about her feelings what is important to her (career / family / commitment)
  • The man who is not afraid of commitments and able to lead
  • The man does not only care about what he wants but also what she wants, and willing to work together as a team
  • Asian women like men who is family orientated and likes home life
  • You must show Asian women why you like them and how they fit into your life
  • Asian women like Western men’s strong, healthy physical attribute
  • Asian women like Western men’s positive, optimistic outlook on life
  • Asian women like Western men’s open communication in relationship

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of learning about Asian culture and what an Asian woman expects from a relationship with a Western man if you want to have successful relationship or a satisfying dating experience with an Asian woman. At Contact AJ I personally provide our Members with coaching on how to achieve this.

Katherine Wei

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