Happy Stories

Our members’ real love stories

 I joined Contact AJ because it’s recommended by my good friend who’s also AJ’s member.

I always thought a woman should have love and family no matter how successful she is. Otherwise, it could be an awful thing. I didn’t talk too much about what I want because I was living in Hong Kong where there’s very crowded and populated.

So I just want to find a Western man who lives in the countryside in Australia. So Katherine introduced Michael to me.

Firstly I didn’t have a good impression on him because his picture looked like a farmer. But Katherine told me he’s a kind, hardworking and successful businessman.

So I agreed to “meet” him via video call. After meeting and talking to him. I really felt very good about him. He’s sincere, very masculine, kind and humorous. I particularly love his smile just like a child, very cute.

I think we had very strong chemistry as well. So he managed to fly to Hong Kong to meet me in September and I flew to see him in Australia several times too. With the help and support from Katherine and Contact AJ, certainly, we were married last month after one year of dating.

I’m just so happy and appreciated. Thank you Contact AJ and Katherine!!

Cathy & Michael
Happy Couple

Leah is a beautiful mature Chinese lady and Josh is a Western gentleman. They had been introduced by Contact AJ for two weeks. Leah thought Josh is a gentle, loving, caring, family-oriented and responsible man. It’s exactly what she wants. But there’s only one issue which bugs Leah a lot – Josh’s age is quite a few years older than what she likes. Leah is so hesitant so she came to see Katherine:

Leah: Katherine, thanks for introducing Josh to me. After two weeks of contact, I think he’s really a nice guy and got the most what I want in a relationship. But his age…

Katherine: Lovely Leah, no one is perfect and nothing is perfect either. The most important is what you want. Stick to your priority. If this man ticked your box 9 out of 10, I think you won the lottery already! Age is just a number, if he can give you the love & the lifestyle you always wanted, then he’s the one!

Leah thought it over for a while, then nodded and smiled. Helped by Contact AJ, Leah and Josh are getting married now after 6 months.

What people like about Contact AJ is that we genuinely care about our clients before, during and after introduction. We’re able to assist along your love journey with our professional advice and experiences to improve the cross-cultural communication between a Western man and Asian woman.

Love is what everyone wants and needs. But it’s a hard job to keep it. Most people need professional guidance and coaching on the way to his/her ultimate happiness…

Leah & Josh – Happy love story by Contact AJ

I had tried to find my soul mate for many years, but nothing worked out until I met Contact AJ team.

 After joining their membership, my consultant Katherine introduced me to Grace, a lovely and charming Chinese lady.
My heart beats fast the first time I saw her. We fall in love very fast. I am deeply attracted to Grace, who is sweet and feminine. 

But after two months, Grace said to me that she needs to reconsider our relationship. I was upset and thinking of is there anything wrong with me?

I showed up at Katherine’s office with a bunch of flowers and asked for her help sincerely. She was patient and coached me on a cross-cultural relationship. She gave me great tips on how to date a Chinese lady.

Grace and I had misunderstandings because of different cultural background and I realized that cross-cultural relationship can be exciting and at the same time it can be a challenge too, so Katherine and her matchmakers are perfect concierges in between two people in love from two different cultures. 

But when there are genuine wish and sincere feelings, all lumps and humps can be overcome!

Now we just got married and bought a beautiful beach house. We’re enjoying a great life with love and joy together!
I can’t thank you enough, Katherine!

John & Grace
Happy Couple

Thousands of men and ladies are looking for their soul mate all around the world; many try to find love here from Contact AJ. I was one of them. Now I want to share my story with others for them to know that happiness will always come to those who believe and do not stop.

It took me two years to find Ross. Yes! Two long years of search and hopes and dreams.

Of course, I met good men at Contact AJ and made some friends even but nobody was ever like Ross to me. Nobody was ever willing to see me happy as much as he was, nobody was ever so caring to me and my little daughter and that means so much for a mother!!

It took time for our relationship to develop. We had misunderstandings because of the language barrier and some cultural differences, but when there is a genuine wish and sincere feelings, all that can be overcome. Our story is a great example of that!

Ross has liked Queensland so much that he even moved here to be with me. We’ve lived together for 8 months, now. We are planning to get married soon.

I wish every person’s life could change in the same wonderful way as ours. You just have to believe. Thank Contact AJ for helping us find our life partner! We could never happier than this.

Thank you, Katherine!

Ross & Jasmine
Happy Couple
James And Me

I am writing to thank you for your help in finding me find my husband.

When I saw a photo of James and read his profile, which you sent to me, we seemed to be well suited and had a lot in common. After a few lengthy phone conversations, we were out for dinner on our first date.

We were both open and put our hearts on the table that evening. We explained our lifestyles, and our dreams and values. James was exactly what I was looking for, a caring, kind, self-motivated man. We have travelled and spent lots of romantic times together. We both feel the same that we have met our soulmate.

Luckily, James proposed to me. Our marriage is on last week.

Thank you Contact AJ.

Henry from Perth

I found Katherine and her team open and honest and committed to delivering what they stood for.

Every time I spoke with Katherine she listened to what I needed and wanted from life and do her best to understand my perspective, to listen to my dreams and hopes and in the end, to introduce me to the woman of my dreams.

After spending literally years on different internet dating sites I finally decided to approach Katherine and see if she could help me, over the course of a few months we worked together to fine-tune my thoughts, each introduction over the months was followed by numerous phone calls to better understand my thoughts, and finally ending with an introduction with Hong.

I would easily recommend Katherine to help you find that special lady, she listens to what you need and introduces you to like-minded women – what more can I say?

Sunshine And Justin

Hello … it’s Sunshine.

Sometimes, during my busy day, when I would receive a phone call from the consultants at Contact AJ, I did not know how to deal with them. I’m so glad they were patient with me! Because thanks to their hard work and help, my days are now busy because I am preparing for my wedding! I can’t believe it – I’m finally getting married!

As soon as I met Justin, I did not feel uncomfortable and uneasy like I had with other guys. I had a feeling that he was my soulmate … Justin told me that I had the same idea.

After our wedding, we will settle near Justin’s parents, who live in the countryside. We were fortunate to have bought the land next door and will build a beautiful house there.

Thank you so much, Katherine and the Contact AJ team for helping me find my Justin. I am also grateful to Alice, who always kindly counselled me and gave me lots of details about the man, the situation, and advice on how I should be.

Many members of Contact AJ are looking for good love and a happy family. I wish everyone the same luck as Justin and me!

Thank you.

Happy Couple
Lili And Mark

At first, after my first marriage disintegrated, I thought maybe I could live alone and be by myself. But, after a while, I had a strong feeling that I wanted to have a happy home, again.

After a friend recommended, I became a member of Contact AJ. I’m writing this letter to thank you for you bring my true love to my life and help our single friends to have a home again.

Today I want to thank Katherine Wei. Without your enthusiastic matchmaker skills and your help, I would never have found Mark, my soulmate, in such a large and lonely city.  Many of us spend years obsessing about meeting a soulmate but fail to notice what we are really asking for. You were able to understand us better than we understand ourselves!

We are about to get married. My future husband is caring, mature, responsible. We trust each other.

After both our failed marriages, to come together and find this, we both hope this marriage will be our final destination.

I hope all the members in Contact AJ will find their true love, just like Mark and me.

Thank you Contact AJ!

Happy Couple
Emma and David

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Contact AJ for connecting David and me. We are very compatible so far and we will get married next month.

Our story starts on back in 2011 when Contact AJ brought us together. David made me feel so comfortable and we talked for hours getting to know each other. We went on a few more dates and then things just clicked. I found David to be a very generous and lovable man and he seemed to really like me for who I was.

Things progressed and on the 12th of May, David romantically asked me to marry him on the beach. I cried and said ‘YES!’ of course.

Thank you to AJ for bringing us together. We both have been waiting a long time for the right person to come along.

We are the happiest couple in the world!

Paul and Caroline

Paul had been a Contact AJ member for more than one year when we met and had been matched with many women, and I had only been out on one other date.

Paul was travelling from Canberra to Sydney for a work function and thought it would be fun to meet me for a coffee date on Saturday morning. The coffee date went so well that he invited me to spend the day with him and a few of his co-workers.

The next weekend Paul drove down to visit me in Sydney. We spent the next year or so driving back and forth each weekend! It was hard not to be able to see each other during the week, but we spent virtually every weekend together. We are engaged and plan to marry in the very near future.

We’re both so thankful for Contact AJ because, without you, we would have never met. I think we both were doubting if we would ever meet the perfect person that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. There were lots of disappointments along our dating journey, but when we finally met each other we both knew it was right.

Aeran and Me

We met through Contact AJ seventeen months ago, from there on everything moved so quickly.

After five months we moved in together. It just felt right so we figured, ‘why to waste any time?’ We took that leap and it paid off.

Aeran proposed to me on our one year anniversary, and we are currently planning a beautiful wedding in the Hunter Valley for October.

At first, I thought dating agencies were a little old fashioned. When mum signed me up for giggles, I laughed it off. Now, I thank her and Contact AJ. I met the man of my dreams and I have never been happier, we are so thankful.

Tom and Liya

Dear Katherine, thank you so much for introducing Liya to me at my most difficult time.

I met her two years ago via your company, at that time, I just lost my only son in a serious car accident. I was so depressed and could find no meaning in life.

On an odd chance, I heard from my friend that Asian ladies are considerate and family-oriented. He introduced Contact AJ to me, and it became the best decision I have made in my life.

After a few introductions, I met Liya. She lightened my life since then and we have been together for about two years. She is a great company.

Thanks to the AJ team, for bringing my life back.

Anthony and Ally

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional assistance in relation to finding an introduction for me.

Ally and I did, and continue to, get along extremely well.

We have decided to continue seeing each other, as we are very compatible.

Our Chinese Horoscope compatibility is awesome

( we’re a perfect match )

I will certainly keep you updated as to how we progress in the future.

Please pass this good news onto Katherine Wei. Thank you for your reputable business.

Stephanie and Michael

Thank you so much for your help, Contact the AJ team.

I finally found my beloved husband and you couldn’t believe how happy I am!

This is my wedding photo. You introduced Michael to me, and he is my husband now. He is a very caring and generous gentleman, we love each other so much.

Thanks again for your help and we wish you all a prosperous year!

Donna and Mark

Thanks to your agency I have found a wonderful man and we are very happy and in love. We are both very grateful for helping us find each other and would like to say thank you.

We no longer require your assistance.

this wonderful man not only loves me but he also loves my two boys and we are talking of marriage and children of our own.

Again, thank you.

Paul and Cindy

I starting talking with Cindy in January, and after several wonderful conversations, I decided to travel to China to meet Cindy in person. Cindy is here visiting Australia at present.

We are pleased to confirm that we are very much together and we became engaged during that first trip of mine to China.

For this reason, I am happy to report that we will no longer need your services and to sincerely thank you for the introduction.

All the best

Alison and Rod

Thank you for introducing me to Alison, since day one there seemed to be magic, she is just terrific.

I will need no more contacts through the agency, as I am more than happy with Alison.

Again I thank you, and God bless.

Kellie and Tim

Hi, my name is Kellie. I would like to cancel my contracts with AJ for as I have met a guy through you and we have been seeing a lot of each other. We have been seeing each other for five months and I have never been so happy.

His name is Tim and he is from VIC.

So can you please cancel both of us?

Thank you.

Happy Couple
Mary and Tom

I would like to thank you for the assistance you have provided me over the past nine months and in particular the introduction with Mary in Orange.

Mary and I are very happy and now seeing each other on a regular basis.

At this stage, we would like you to move our files from the current lists until further notice.

Once again, thank you for your assistance.

Happy Couple
Mel and Daisy

I am writing to inform you that I met Mel from Mudgee on the 1st of April. We got on very well and have everything in common together. So well in fact that I am moving to Mudgee to start a new life with Mel and the boys in two weeks’ time.

My boys get on well with him, so well that they called him dad on the weekend. So we are hoping to have a long and happy life together.

Thank you for bringing us together.

Samantha and Don

I am writing to inform you that I no longer need your service from August 2nd.

I have met the man of my dreams, he has swept me off my feet and we intend to get married next year on Valentine’s Day…Isn’t he romantic?

I would like to thank you for your understanding of my situation. I can’t believe it, I met Don only in the second introduction.

Thank you all of contact AJ, I will never forget, the happiness you have brought to our lives.

Thank you eternally.

Happy Couple

Hello Contact AJ

I’m writing to say how happy I have been being a member of Contact AJ.

The truth is always spoken, Contact AJ is truthful.