We are here to help you find true love.

Our Memberships

Personalised Membership Options

Each individual has different requirements and personal objectives. So we’ve developed different types of memberships and you choose the service you want from us.

Membership types tailored to you

We will ask you to complete a Personal Profile which tells us about yourself and the type of person you are looking for.

The various membership types will be explained and the right decision will be made upon.

You will be asked to sign a confidentiality contract.

We do not use computers to match people. Contact AJ is a personal introduction agency and our unique reputation is based on this.

Your Memberships Options

SILVER Membership

One to one introduction service through email and WeChat communications. Includes one FREE Katherine’s coaching session.

  • Provide 1 to 1 introduction service, there is no limit to the number of introductions during the membership period, guarantee minimum 6-12 introductions or more depending on the membership option.
  • Application introductions can be done via Email or WeChat.
  • We provide introduction and interaction with you via Email or WeChat
  • One(1) sessions of cross cultural dating consultations.
  • Katherine Wei’s “Your Guide to Love & Happiness” mini program (online self-study).

GOLD Membership

Tailor made one to one introduction service with private consultations. Includes two FREE Kathrine’s coaching sessions.

  • Enjoy priority choice and enjoy tailor-made one-to-one service.
  • Priority selection of the most suitable member, will give you an appointment with
    VIP members.
  • Enjoy dating tips consulting services provided by private consultants.
  • There is no limit to the number of introductions, and at least 7-13 people are
    guaranteed according to the options.
  • Includes (3) private coaching sessions on dating and relationship tips with
    Katherine Wei – the renowned Cross-Cultural Matchmaker.
  • Katherine Wei’s “How to start a relationship” audio book (9 Chapters)
  • FREE to join our “Single Club Party”.

DIAMOND Membership

Katherine Wei’s private consultation and introductions, access to our internal special members’ selections, and Katherine Wei’s coaching  sessions, audios and ebooks included. FREE to join our Single Club Party.

  • Katherine Wei, CEO of Contact AJ, as your private consultant.
  • Personal follow-up, feedback and guidance services anytime with consultant.
  • Ongoing introductions, ensuring 8-15 high quality introductions.
  • The highest priority is given with the latest, best and most suitable members.
  • Katherine Wei‘s personalized virtual one-on-one (1:1) dating, love, the cognition of relationship coaching – “Your Ultimate Guide to Love & Happiness” mini program. Appointment is a must or you can request a fixed time for continuous sessions.
  • Including: free selection of internal high-quality members and contacts for introduction (2 members each month). We will send your profile.

PLATINUM Membership

All of Diamond Membership Values until find your own happiness.

  • All the values of Diamond Membership are available for Platinum services.
  • Top priorities will be provided in terms of introductions and coaching.
  • Services will be provided until we successfully assist you in finding your own happiness.
  • Guaranteed minimum of 12 introductions in the first year, and the following years will be minimum of 8 introductions provided.


1) What is the typical age range of your members?

Man & woman: age 30–60s.

2) What sort of people are attracted to your service?

People who are well educated, have stable job and financially independent (both men & women). But usually they’re too busy or lack of resources to find an ideal partner in life. They’re genuine and sincere to find a life partner here in Contact AJ. They also come for our special experience on cross cultural dating & relationships.

3) How many matches am I likely to get?

We have different service category: 3/6/12 months. There’s no limitation for the numbers matches.

4) Can you guarantee I will find the love of my life?

Here in Contact AJ we’re 100% to help you find someone. However, if after introducing 10 or 20 people to you but still no results, then our senior experts would like to have a personalised review with you about what you are exactly looking for in a partner and give you some coaching & advices. Our experts are experienced and professional that had achieved 90% success rate since the last 35 years.

5) What does a membership cost?

Everyone’s situation is different (both men & women). We have to either meet face to face or have conversation via phone first to know you better. We offer you a reasonable and affordable personalised service which no others can do.

6) How do you match your members?

Before matching, you have to become to our member first. We meet, listen and talk to our clients to know basic information, understand their needs. Then we have to do some background checking, personality testing to build psychological profile for each member. We finally match and introduce based on all these preparation works with our professional knowledge, massive experiences and our six sense. Contact AJ goes to the extra mile and depth to serve our members for the best.

7) What happens if I meet someone?

Introduced and arranged by Contact AJ, you’ll be meeting this person somewhere based on mutual consent. If both sides are happy with each other that’s the best. They’ll continue dating happily. If both sides or one side is not happy with the date we introduced. We’ll ask the reason why then continue introducing to his/her potential matches. Contact AJ also provides professional coaching during the dating for any singles and dating couples to overcome the misunderstanding, communication or other problems in the cross cultural relationships.

8) Why should I use your dating service, when I can easily use Tinder or Bumble?

Contact AJ vs. Online Dating Website Contact AJ: We provide filtered choices with guaranteed quality; One-on-one customized service to find the right person for the professional singles who are committed looking for partners; Follow-up and feedback with professional consultancy helping you to solve any dating and relationship problems; Paid service to guarantee both parties are genuine and serious; Save your time for searching as we’re able to find the most right match for you within shortest time based on our 35 years professional experiences. Success proven dating + relationship tips, advices and coaching. Online Dating Website: Open pool without filtered & no quality guaranteed; Guideless searching with no customised service Small charge fee – no professional matchmakers’ support, insights or advices. Hard to tell if he/she is serious; Waste vast amount of time to find the right person by yourself from an open blinded pool.

9) Is Contact AJ licensed introduction agency? How long has it been doing this business in Australia?

Contact AJ is a cross-culture introduction agency licensed by the Australian government. It’s established in 1985 and been doing this business for 35 years now.

10) Does Contact AJ specialize in cross-cultural introduction and matchmaking only?

Yes Contact AJ does cross-cultural introduction between Western man & Asian woman, Asian man & Asian woman.

11) Where are the Asian women from?

Our Asian women are living in Australia.

12) What’s the success rate introduced by Contact AJ?

Contact AJ has been serving for more than 100,000 people for 35 years. The success rate is up to 90%.

13) Can I have a look at the female/male members’ database (personal information & photos) before I become a member of Contact AJ?

All of our member’s profiles are private and confidential. We only introduce members to members. But there’re some members’ pictures on our website and we have weekly featured members showing to everyone.

14) What is the next step if I am interested?

Register through our website first. Once we receive your inquiry form, one of our experienced consultants will personally contact you within next business days.