My Cross-Cultural Journey of Love


by Katherine Wei (Author)

Australia’s leading matchmaker Katherine Wei’s journey from a young ballerina growing up during China’s Cultural Revolution, to becoming Australia’s most successful relationship guru.

This is a story for anyone who was discovered that their future happiness is to be found far from their beginnings.

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10% profit of the book will go to charity.


by Katherine Wei (Author)

Katherine Wei is Australia’s leading cross-cultural matchmaker. For more than 30 years she has made thousands of successful professional introductions between Asian an Australian people seeking love.

This is her story, told for the first time.

Katherine shares her journey from a young ballerina growing up during China’s Cultural Revolution. to becoming Australia’s most successful relationship guru, specialising in cross-cultural relationships. It is told with humour, inspirational ambition and tenderness. A story for anyone who has discovered that their future happiness can be found from the very beginning.

Katherine promises herself that she will give back to the community by sharing 10% of the books’ profit to the charity.

ISBN: 978-0-6487617-0-9
Language: English
Publisher: Delphian Books
Pages: 134 pages
Shipping availability: Australia only ($5.00 per book)

This book is filled with passion, wisdom, insights and practical tools on cross-cultural love relationships and, more importantly, how to develop deeper connections beyond any cultural boundaries. Get ready to engage and participate fully in the ultimate journey to your heart and the hearts of others.

Sharon Pearson
Founder of the Coaching Institute


Moving to a new country is hard… finding love in a new country can seem impossible! Katherine has dedicated the past 30 years of her life to helping people from across the world to find love here in Australia. Much like I find buyers with their perfect house, Katherine is a natural at finding her clients their perfect person! This book is a testament to her inspiring story from the military to matchmaker.

Monika Tu
Founder and Director od luxury realtors, Black Diamonds Group

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