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Hanna 33, Australia   “I really want to achieve lots of things in life; I have a lot of goals and desires. But of course, I have to do it while enjoying every step in life as well. I believe in self-love because I know, to be able to receive love, one must be able to love …

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Daryl 37, Australia   He is a chef in his own restaurant in Sydney! “I have a sense that my heart is full of compassion, caring, and kindness, and I want to share it with a lovely lady who would brighten up my life. Get in touch with me as I am committed to engaging.” Meet Daryl …

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Dion 35, Australia   A gorgeous looking man who is longing for someone to spend time together with him.He is young, good looking, well mannered and has a wonderful sense of humour. Meet Dion Now Go Back



Marie 44, Australia   “I am an organized person. I like my routine and I enjoy living it. I am real and I live up to it.But I realized that there are more to life than just my routine, so I am open to new experiences and would love to have someone to be within sharing this …

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Daniel 34, Australia   He is a nurse who takes really good care of himself.He is also highly educated and enjoys learning new things.”I am very straightforward and open-minded. A smart and sophisticated woman will really attract me and I will devote my 100% to the lucky one.” Meet Daniel Now Go Back



Anastasia 34, Australia   A young entrepreneur is looking for a date!Anastasia – bright, young, gorgeous lady.”I love my profession to which I have dedicated all my life, I am very passionate about it. But don’t get me wrong, I am also an adventurous, romantic woman who can enjoy life. Do you want to travel the world …

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Leanne 52, Australia   “I have a good vision about my life and my relationship. I have goals and targets in my life and I work hard for them. One thing that I need right now is the time to have a more romantic personal life with an amazing person. There are no certain criteria, as long …

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Claudia 31, Australia   Young, bright and beautiful lady who is looking for a date.She is a young childcare educator who is love being with kids, very loving and attractive Meet Claudia Now Go Back



Tina 42, Australia   An independent, kind-hearted and hardworking lady. “I love my life cause I have amazing people around me. But I am missing a ‘partner’ in my life, so through Contact AJ, I’m hoping to find my missing piece.” Meet Tina Now Go Back



Lydia 41, Australia   A music teacher who enjoys life and simplicity. She is looking for a partner who are ready for long-term relationship, full of positivity and have a deep family values.She is kind, mature, understanding and full of life. Meet Lydia Now Go Back