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Johnson 51, Australia    Clinic owner Professional & highly educated Financially secure Hard worker Goal orientated Humorist and yet genuine Generous He is a well-proportioned man, a doctorate, and a self-operated clinic. He is full of humor, wisdom, and yet very generous. He looks forward to meeting his true love. Meet Johnson Now



Shelly 35, Australia     “I’m looking for someone who enjoys the good things of life, who enjoys loving a good woman and gives himself up completely without expecting anything in return , I don’t idealize a man but I’m sure if he has good feelings I could fall in love easily.” Meet Shelly Now



Mark 30, Australia     Professional accountant Highly educated Financially secure Tall and slim Family Oriented Hard worker Enjoy simplicity Genuinely looking for love Meet Mark Now



Mia 38, Australia   She is a bright and outgoing childcare educator. She is also kind, tender and polite. She enjoys simplicity, such as good music, good coffee and also socializing with friends.She is our new member who is family orientated, hard working and responsible. She is sincerely looking for a life-time partner who is genuinely looking …

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Lily 40’s, Australia   Hey my dear friends, let’s meet Lily ~A beautiful florist who is kind and thoughtful.She enjoys gardening, cooking, reading and quiet yet engaging time.She is looking forward to meet a loving man between 40-55… Meet Lily Now



Maya 40’s, Australia   She is a private music teacher who also enjoys nature. She is open minded, caring, humble and genuine in finding love. An honest and trustworthy guy with clear view of his future relationship will be a very good match to her.Both of you can really spend a loving and fun life while enjoying the …

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Cindy 40’s, Australia   A very attractive woman who wants to find love…She is a graphic designer, so she is very creative and enjoys spending time to learn new stuffs. She is cheerful, open minded and yet very family orientated.She is looking for a young-hearted man, who is smart and yet funny and also genuinely looking to …

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Louisa 50’s, Australia   Never listen to anyone who tell you that you are too old to find love! Nothing is more wrong than that…Everyone deserves love and there is always someone for anyone, and including you!Here is Louisa, a very young looking woman who is still searching for love. She believes that she will be able …

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Angus 53, Sydney   A well off chef in his early 50’s…“I’ve been cooking for many people out there, but at home, I just cook for myself, and at some point, it feels so lonely. I want to have a family who can really enjoy my hot meals everyday, that is how I show my love and …

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Julia 40’s, Australia   Let me introduce JULIA to you…She is such a lovely and outgoing woman who is looking to find a partner as well, just like you~She has been searching all this time and finally she met us, #ContactAJ and is ready to pick one of the most suitable man for herself. Meet Julia Now



Liz 30’s, Australia   “I am a kind, tender and polite person. I am also very easy going and family orientated. I enjoy simplicity, such as good music, good coffee and also socializing with friends.I want to meet someone with integrity, honest and he must have a good temperament. He also need to be physically and mentally …

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Chad 56, Melbourne   He is a director of an IT Company.“I am a very open minded person, and I love the Asian culture that it makes me really want to find Asian partner. For me they are very special as they are brought up in a different kind of culture. I am also very open to …

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Lucia 40’s, Australia   The hard working and lovely childcare educator is finally here to find love.“I consider myself as smart, elegant, sociable, tender and lovely partner. I am ready for relationship and hope to meet someone who is a respectful and understanding person I hope he will be supportive and have a good sense of communication …

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Brad 48, Australia    Meet Brad!A successful business owner who ready to step out of his comfort zone to pursue the love of his life.We understand how busy your career life can be, that’s why we are here, to help you do the hard job, so you can focus on your career while still working to find …

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Chloe 39, Australia    She is a beautician and have been so busy enjoyingher life. But now, she is ready to settle downand build a family with her future partner. A partner who will complete her life and make a home together. Meet Chloe Now



Emma 40’s, Australia   She is a sweet and smart woman who has a clothing business. She is genuine, down to earth, and can put on a pair of jeans working in the garden or dress up for a cocktail party.She is happy to cook for her loved ones and she is just excited to dine out. …

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Reed 40, Perth   He is a well-educated professional and lucky he is handsome as well. He likes outdoor sports and beach life, as well as travel and good food. He is very easy-going, friendly and a warm likeable smile. He is family orientated and has a strong sense of responsibility.He is hoping to meet a kind-hearted …

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