10 Women Characters That Attracts Men

10 Women Characters that Attracts Men

When it comes to dating, especially with males, what will come to our mind first are appearances.

Yes, men have a tendency to be visual beings. But, the looks itself is not enough to make men stay in a long and real relationship.

There are more women characteristics and personalities that turn men on. Men want more than just your beautiful face or body; they want the qualities that you possess.

Those qualities really differ with each individual, but here are some of them that most men find attractive.

1. Body posture

The first impression is important, so the first time a man saw you in your posture; it can leave a deep mark. Good body posture indicates that you are healthy, confident and attractive. So, stand up tall, girl!

2. Ability to see the true person he is

If you can see past the walls most people put up and truly speak to the real person inside of them, you’ll be one of the few that understands them. This makes you very special and will leave a deep impression on them.

3. Open minded and able to communicate your thoughts

Be opinionated about things. If you ask someone a question about a topic and they have something interesting to say about it, you will want to converse more with them, right? That’s right. Men like to be with women who they can talk to or are open to different views of things.

4. A confident attitude towards life

Confidence indicates that you are successful and can be trusted. When you are confident, you are more likely to be open to new people, new experiences and are optimistic towards everything. You will also be showing the best version of yourself and that you are excited about life. And the energy that people emit when they are excited about living is contagious and very attractive.

5. Being playful

Having the gift to be able to laugh at life and embrace it as an enjoyable experience is really a plus point. Playfulness means that you are fun to be with, this can help to avoid a dreading and boring situation, and men love to have fun and excitement. Also, being playful can bring laughter, and laughter makes people feel more comfortable and happy which will lead to more fun dates.

6. Genuine smiles

Being able to smile genuinely from within is very heartwarming, it shows that you are not faking or forcing yourself and that you are genuinely interested, and people love people who are interested in them.

7. Being driven with your passion

If you know what you want in life, and you’re pursuing it, this is attractive. This also shows that you are not a needy person, and trust me, men don’t like a needy women. So, showing him that you got things going on around will make him feel more at ease. This will also show that you have an independent character which will make you more mysterious and attractive.

8. Caring

Compassion and caring show that you will be a good partner. You don’t have to start big. Ever notice how you get so excited when people notice even a tiny bit of change in you? Well, men are the same. When you notice something about someone, it will show that you are interested in the person and that you are not just focusing on yourself. But be genuine, notice how he really is and you can always start from there.

9. Romance

Spicing it up in a relationship is critical and attractive. Don’t always do the same thing because it will get boring really fast.

10. Loving yourself

Women have to have self-respect and self-value. Men like women who have respect for themselves and know how to treat themselves well. If you truly love yourself for who you are, then others will as well.

There are a number of strategies and characteristics you may embrace to make yourself more appealing to men. It’s not essential to focus more on your physical appearance. Try out a couple of these approaches and see what kind of good feedback you receive from the men.


Get your good first impression and good luck!

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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