Dating With Asian Women – By Katherine Wei

Dating With Asian Women – By Katherine Wei

Asian women are the most attractive girls in the world! They are sexy, cute and have an exciting personality. Here are some secret tips to date Asian girls that are related to dating and marriage!

Take the lead

During dating, many Asian ladies are still a little coy and would like to be chased by men rather than initiating moves. Please be encouraging, polite and responsive.

Meaning of Education

Good education means a good future for Asian ladies, so be understanding if she pays more attention on one’s education level than you do.

Important security

Good financial status means security, which is important for relationship to Asian ladies. It is different from being money-minded.

What you can talk about

People’s salary, age and health are not treated as private matters and can be asked about.

Marital status

Asian ladies who have divorced or widowed, with or without child, have difficulties in finding a husband again. Here is your chance to find a mature and charming Asian lady!

Language barrier

If she has a good command of English, she is normally well educated.

If she speaks a little English it doesn’t necessarily means her English is bad. It could be she has had no chance to practice. Be patient, she will pick it up soon.


Please let her know of your intentions in dating because many Asian ladies are dating for marriage only.

Cultural habit

She may not be so punctual, good at booking ahead or keeping to dates or appointments. Please give her a chance to learn the Western way on timing and booking.


Most ladies cannot drink alcohol, therefore for either occasions or for a date, going out for dinner is recommended instead of going out for a drink.


Asian ladies show their feelings in an elegant and indirect way. They may love you very much, but not telling you or showing it on the surface.


Dress more conservative- Asian girls tend to be timid and very shy, hence conservative. If you dress in a manner that is very outrageous and loud, then they will be frightened to get near you. So the first thing you should do is dress more conservative.

Act conservative – Not politically, but in a manner that isn’t offensive, loud or confronting. Traditional Asian girls like to be treated like a lady

Love gifts

Shower her with gifts. Asian girls like to be pampered. Asian girls love it when guys give them a lot of gifts because girls like the attention and also you are a giving person. Giving her gifts is also a sign that you are serious about her, which gives you a high chance of dating her. Just giving her small gift like a small teddy bear or flowers can get you her immediate attention.

By Katherine Wei
– The successful matchmaker with great experience

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