Do's and Don'ts on your first date

Do’s and Don’ts on your first date

First dates can be very exciting however you usually don’t know the person too well apart from perhaps a brief conversation on the phone so we don’t always know what to expect so to help you avoid an awkward first date, here are some suggestions:

Be on time

Being late on a first date can really give a bad impression

Dress up

Most of the time a girl will put some effort into her looks before a date and she will expect you to do the same. Don’t need a collar and tie but something smart and casual

Choose the venue wisely

Meet somewhere nice, where you can have a conversation. Avoid a crowded pub or movies!

Be nice and pleasant

This is not the time to talk about the horrible day you had at work!

Be authentic

There are subjects you should avoid, of course, focus on having a good time as if you were with a good friend.

Don’t just talk about yourself

Showing interest in her is a great seduction technique.

Don’t talk about your bad past relationships

Unless you are asked of course, but keep it brief and do not rubbish the ex-partner. Show that you have moved on.

Don’t be too suggestive about sex

The more you mention it the less likely it will happen. If you make a good impression and you keep dating her chances are that eventually you will be intimate with her at some point but do not push it.

Enjoy and good luck!

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei
The Queen of Love

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