Find Love Easy with Us

Find Love Easy with Us

Today’s dating world is competitive and comes with a whole new set of rules to be navigated writes by Katherine Wei

Hard road to finding love

Preparing to meet a partner is big business in the modern dating world. In their hope of grabbing the attention of Mr or Miss right, singles are spending hundreds of dollars on first and subsequent dates, primping and preening with spray tans, hair cuts, new clothes and even teeth whitening procedures. a new report on the cost of dating by ING direct reveals a quarter of dating singles spend $100 or more preparing for a date with new clothes shoes and getting their hair done top of the expenses list. For those dating regularly, the expense can quickly escalate.

Just asking single Australians or any single who lives in Australia. a recent survey claimed they sped five years and more than $20000 dating before they get married.
In Australia, the dating industry is worth almost $12 billion, a testament to how competitive the singles hunting ground has become.

Much has changed in the dating world from one generation to the next, the most obvious being the use of technology to find love.
Australians spend more than $80 million a year on finding love online or through an app. where once a date was established through family, friends or some common connection, now your options are seemingly limitless.

I have individually interviewed morn than 50,000 thousand singles and those privileged opportunities have accumulated a mountain of unique experience and it made me an expert in this most important filed in everyone’s life – Happiness. I see one of the biggest changes in modern dating is the solitude in which you find your dates, ” with so much online dating now there is a real solitude in the experience. In most cases you are sitting completely alone in front of a computer or with your phone, whereas in the olden days you had people around you as you met a potential partner, you had help in vetting them.
” as a result, the modern dating world is filled with insecurity and anxiety. I have seen people come out of a dating period completely worn out and lacking in confidence.

I say modern dating is not all negative, with one of the major bonuses of finding a partner today is that women have so many more options.

In part generations there was very little casual dating, it was tinged with a more serious agenda as often women were marring for economic security. And there was more invested in dating back the, you had to take it seriously from a young age.”
but there is still some tradition left in dating, for example. It’s still nice if a man pays for dinner, particularly on the first date. More than half of single men are prepared to pay for dinner on a first date, the ING Direct report claims. but only 26% of women expect this gesture.

A man should pay on a first date, especially if he is asked a woman out and to make feel special. But these days its important a woman finds other ways to pay for things also, maybe the taxi home or a drink at the bar. Modern dating has become a financial burden and one that many cannot afford.

“It’s incredible how much we spending on dating.” says my client Kelly 35, who has been single for more than five years. “The reason is that the stakes feel increasingly high, this has become the most intimate time to be dating history. it’s like The Bachelor but instead of choosing from 12 singles, there are millions with the number of apps and website around to connect you.

The report found singles are spending an average of 80 preparing for a first date, imagine if you go on more than on a week. you’d be splashing out more than some people pay on rent. But people are happy to pay because love is the ultimate goal.

Luck 39, a business owner, my VIP client said to me at our interview: “I’ve been dating for many years, I‘m sure I’ve spent the deposit for a house during that time. I am so glad that I have found you now to shorten the searching, screening process of finding my life partner. I wish I could know you earlier that I would save myself a lot of money and the time I have wasted.”

Singles need to learn the method on how to find the right one and keep it too. Instead of taking years of your time to learn and find it out yourself ( if you ever will, it’s a very challenge task), you may like to know how Contact AJ can have it all for you by expressway.

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Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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