Welcome to Contact AJ! I am delighted to introduce you to the attractive Asian lady Fiona. She is a member of AJ Pink Diamond Club.

Fiona is a music teacher. She is an elegant lady who likes art and music. She can sing like a bulbul, play the piano with her delicate hands and dance like a nymph with her petite body. Her long black hair feels like silk. Her beautiful eyes are bright and shining.

She is witty and smart that brings laugher and sunshine into life. She enjoys warm cuddle on the soft sofa at home, as well as a romantic and passionate date outdoors. She likes doing different sports and keeping in good shape. She would love to go hiking or swimming with her lover.

Fiona is looking for a sincere, romantic and warm-hearted gentleman, who is willing to give her love and care. She appreciates someone thoughtful and understanding.

Although this lovely Asian woman has established in Sydney, Fiona is a free bird, she is willing to move to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth to build her love nest with the right one.

If you want to meet her this week and start a love journey, please contact me:

Senior Relationship Consultant


Ph: 0417 558 888

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