How To Ensure A Second Date

How To Ensure A Second Date

Now that you have landed the date of your dreams, you can’t wait to show her how lucky she is. But if you don’t want this to turn out to be your last date, you need to keep certain things in mind to make your first date a success and ensure a second date with a lady.

First, Showing up on time to pick up your date is a good start.

Secondly, it is best to dress simple but smart and give your appearance a recall value by highlighting a specific aspect of your personal styles like the use of a signature cologne or an accessory like a watch or ring.

Thirdly, you play a special song in the car which sinks into her subconscious and later gives her something to remember you by.

Fourthly, you pay one or to compliments about some aspect of a woman such as her dress, an accessory, even her choice of an entrée during dinner. She is bound to feel pleased about herself.

Fifthly, the most important thing to keep in mind is to listen rather than talk. No one, much less a lady you’ve just met, likes a person who goes on about himself ad nauseum. This way you will not only come across as someone who is really interested in her but will keep back just enough to make the girl want to know more about you – perhaps on the second date. In the conversation, it is the best way to stay focus, Laugh a lot, stick to pleasant subjects and keep away from controversial subjects

Finally, you don’t take it too fast and give her a call within a few days. Even if you are smitten hard by your partner, you need to keep your hands off her if you want her to turn up for a second date. Nothing kills a budding relationship faster than a guy who comes off as a creep and is all over a girl before she has given him permission or even a clear signal that she would like to get physical. If your first date has gone well and you would like to see your partner again, make sure you give her a call within a few days to avoid that the lady simply takes your silence as a sign of disinterest and move on.

Lots of relationships which start out as first date disasters actually go on to become quite happy ones. But this does not mean you should take a chance with a lady whom you particularly want to know better. So have confidence in your charms and at the same time be a real gentleman. And your date is sure to be seeing a lot more of you than others.

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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