Make him want you!

Make him want you!

Are you making him want you or are you pushing him away?

Hey my dear,

How have you been lately? Hope you are doing much better than the last time we were in touch.

For me, honestly, I am so glad that despite the Covid issues, everyone still so eager to find love, that’s why I am still very busy till now.

So recently, one of my clients asks me this – “I have been trying so hard to give him a signal that I am interested in him, but he seems not just to ignore it, but completely blown away and left me. I don’t know what happened.”

Here is what I see…

Women are getting more independent these days; we are more outspoken and aggressive. We, women, have more goals and more independent ways of thinking, which is really good in our career and professional life.

But in a relationship, men tend to see it as a threat. Don’t get me wrong. They do it unconsciously…

It’s their nature to be a leader of a woman; they want to feel like they could give you more and protect you without even you asking. So, when they are with someone who gives a stronger impression, they will find it unattractive and it pushes them away.

I know that you are just trying to let him know that you are attracted to him by sending some signals, that’s why you should clearly see the fine line between showing interests and being aggressive.

But how?

You see, it’s okay to give him a hint or seduce him to make him want you and eventually take you out for the first date. If he finally did, well, congratulations!!

After that, you might get excited and also anxious and you might do these:

  • Keep sending him a text message, thinking that he might forget about your messages before;
  • Asking him about his feelings for you;
  • Buying him gifts
  • Calling him often;

Which you feel might be perfectly normal; that you are just trying to be friendly and open; this is where you need to be more cautious…

Many men would see this as “pressure” instead.

Yes, this is where it goes wrong!

Man feels like it’s his job to do so, so if he hasn’t yet, it means he still needs time to figure out how he really feels about you.

Sure he will reply to your messages and go out with you for any dinner and dates, but it won’t last as he will somehow feel rushed and not ready.

I know…

You might say that you have been waiting for him to take the action and you are feeling frustrated now. Maybe you feel like it’s not the time for women to only sit and wait for men, or maybe you don’t want him to think that you are not interested in him when it’s the total opposite…

But if the signal you are sending is wrong, then it will be worse than just waiting, you might lose him, and you wouldn’t want that right?

Remember, if you are reaching out more to him, you will miss the chance to make him miss you more and reach out to you more.

We still want men to chase us, and not the other way around…

When he feels like he is ready and really want you, you will know it.

Then worry not, he will do anything to make you want him too and try everything to please you…

Now, dear…

If you are already in a situation where you are waiting for his signal, I suggest that you consider what I’ve just told you. Take it slow, don’t rush. Give him a soft nudge every now and then, but let him take the lead… I trust that in no time, you can see the result!

But, if you haven’t met the man that you are eyeing on, don’t worry. You can always come to me, Contact AJ, to meet some man, and eventually ‘the one’.
We have so many genuine men who are also looking for someone to be ‘his’…
And one of them might be the man of your life!

Oh, of course, you are more than able to do this on your own, but you might also waste all your energy and time before long. So why not get on to the easier and more convincing path?

So, please don’t waste any more second of your life finding something so important…

You can start here!

Your time is now….


Yours in love and happiness,

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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