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To all my dear friends,

Trust life had been good for you…

Just like I did with all these amazing people.

We had a wonderful time during our trip to Blue Mountain to see beautiful autumn leaves right before it ended.

We were so grateful that we had wonderful weather at that day after days of rains before.
Just look at the sky and the view!

I know the Universe is on our side.

It’s just amazing, especially after a long week of work, that was a perfect way to relax and enjoy life and nature.

Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed a mouth watering High Tea at Megalong Valley with amazing view as company.

There were lots of stories and laughing, and absolutely a precious memory.

After all, it was a successful trip. I am so glad to spend the day with all of them, and hopefully, there will be many more to come.

Yours in love and happiness,

Katherine Wei


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