Top Ten Romance Tips For Gentleman To Date Asian Women

Katherine Wei, Director of Contact AJ is encouraging men to bring the gentleman back into fashion when dating with Asian women.
She says
“Romance will never go out of style. Even though Asian women are empowered and independent these days an Asian woman always likes to be treated like a lady.”
Sometimes men are not sure how to act or what to do to show the dates they care. Katherine Wei is the expert in romance and dating and below she reveals her secrets for a gentleman to win an Asian lady’s heart.

Top Ten Romance Tips for Gentleman to Date Asian women

1) Plan a date carefully before you go out, make reservations, ensure the venue is comfortable and quiet enough for you to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Asian women like a man who takes charge and makes

2) Dress up. A stylish and well-fitting suit is always a good option and helps boost your confidence.

3) Compliment her. Let her know you think she has beautiful eyes or a lovely smile.

4) Old fashioned romance will never go out of style. Bring flowers with you to give your date, pour her wine and pull out her chair for her. These are simple, old fashioned gestures that show you are attentive and considerate. At the end of the night remember to walk her to her car or ensure she is safely in a taxi. The little touches go a long way.

5) Settle the bill discreditably the bar after excusing yourself for a moment. This means there are no uncomfortable moments at the table when the bill arrives.

6) Ask meaningful questions and listen carefully to her answer. Let her know that you’re interested in knowing what makes her light up!

7) Be humble and do not mention how wealthy or successful you are. Sometimes men can get nervous and talk too much in an effort to impress the lady. This is never a good idea.

8) Send a note and flowers or call the day immediately after the date. Pursue the lady, if she doesn’t call you, call her!! SMS is not a gentlemanly option for an after date follows up.

9) Always be thoughtful of her needs and you will win her heart. A true gentleman is interested in the comfort of others and will plan thoughtfully to anticipate her needs such as arranging a date near her work or home, finding out her favourite food or activity from a friend or the person who introduced.

10) Use your own creativity to think of unique and unexpectedly thoughtful things you can do to express how much you care. For example, you could take her on a picnic at dusk, sailing around the harbour or if she is sporty or adventurous you could book a boat to go scuba diving!

Katherine Wei

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