5 Things Asian Women Love To Hear From Men

5 Things Asian Women Love To Hear From Men

If there’s one thing that always makes Asian women smile, keep telling what they love to hear. Most men would agree that when it comes to compliments, women can never have enough of it. The more they get, the more they want!
As a professional matchmaker and love mentor, I have been working with thousands of Asian women and Australian men. Here’s a guide to help you learn exactly what she loves to hear.

1. ‘You look gorgeous!’

If one could list down three things that women can’t live without – they would probably be – good food, a wardrobe to die for and hearty compliments. So, don’t be stingy when it comes to wooing her with a shower of compliments. The more you give, the more you are likely to get in return. Say all that she has been dying to hear – whether it is about her looks, her attire, her figure, professionalism at work or her culinary skills.
Each of us likes to receive compliments as it improves our self-image. It helps us to get rid of our inhibitions, acts as a motivation and helps us enhance our personality.

2. ‘You are great in bed’

Although in some traditional Asian cultures, women are shy to express themselves. This compliment is sure to make her feel like a sex goddess and sweep away all the inhibitions she had about her performance between the sheets. Praising her performance in bed and telling her that she is simply irresistible, is sure to set the momentum for a sizzling act later. The more you elevate and understand her sexuality, the more willing she will be to explore her wildest fantasies.
Don’t just be grateful for every little effort that she puts to turn you on – say it aloud! You are sure to boost to a woman’s sexuality when you tell her that she was super in the act. It will want her to explore more of herself and not just you. She will be able to connect with you in a sexual context.

3. ‘You are my dearest pal’

Want to assure her that you are the kind of man who’s not just with her for her glam looks and her hourglass figure? Well, then all you need to do is to tell her that she is not just the love of your life, but also your dearest friend. Try to establish a connection beyond your sexual interest in her. This is sure to give her ego the much-required boost and score you brownie points.
Being a woman’s friend is the first step to winning her over. It is important for a woman to believe that she means much more to you than just being your wife or your girlfriend. What she needs to feel is that you count on her – when you are in a problem or a dilemma, when you need advice, when you need a shoulder.

4. ‘I am lucky to have you’

Tell her that she is the only one for you. If not her, you would probably have still been single. Women love to be with men who are amiable and there is no better way to tell her that you are a true gentleman than to thank her for being the person that she is. Tell her that your life is beautiful only because she is a part of it. Don’t be surprised if you find her blushing.
Telling a woman that she is your lucky charm is a sure shot way to pamper her. It makes her feel that you have not just accepted her in your life, but you are also grateful to her for her presence. It is the most gratifying thought for a woman.

5. ‘I love you’

Even though you have said it in every possible way – women place much more importance to these three magical words. So, make sure you say it in the right place and the right time, but when she is least expecting it. Wondering why? Who doesn’t love surprises? Especially if you are in a committed relationship, make sure you say it even more often.
There’s nothing better than a woman would want to hear from her man. No matter how much you say it through your actions but most women like men who are expressive. It is very important to say what you feel to keep the romance alive. The more often you say, the better it is.

Yours in love & happiness,

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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