Making yourself more attractive to women

Making Yourself More Attractive To Women

Do you know why so many men got rejected while approaching a high-quality woman?
I know you think you know the answer… but I can almost guarantee that YOU DON’T.

The #1 MOST IMPORTANT thing that a man can do to start SUCCEEDING with women is this:

Learn EXACTLY what to SAY and DO to come across as the rare “Mr. Right” that EVERY great woman is looking for!

I created a step-by-step ‘success only’ SPECIFIC for BECOMING the ‘Mr. Right”!


The *REAL* reason most guys get rejected is simply this: High-quality women have an idea of their “Mr. Right”.

  • These are the qualities that get their attention in the first place.
  • These are the qualities that make them want to connect more deeply and emotionally with a particular man.
  • These are the qualities that make them want to GET PHYSICAL with a particular man.

Whenever I talk about approaching a great woman in the “right” way, I’m ACTUALLY talking about sending her the “right” signals, right from the start.

And this is something that YOU can start doing when you first meet a great woman:


Just so you know, body language is almost MORE important than words when you first meet a great woman!

This is why most guys INSTANTLY destroy any chance of success by acting nervous… submissive… even apologetic when they approach a woman.

This sends the INSTANT signal that they aren’t ANY woman’s “Mr. Right”.

… And yes, it INSTANTLY shuts down her receptiveness to being approached.

Once a man can “pave the way” to connecting with a woman by losing the nervous tics and twitches…

  • Sustaining eye contact…
  • Speaking, strongly, slowly and clearly…
  • Then he’s MORE than halfway to winning her FULL attention!

These actually will FORCE women to notice you… then convey a primordial dominance and activate an irresistible charm that brings women closer to YOU!
It all works like a MIRACLE, so check it out.


When it comes to getting noticed by quality women, the best way to “flirt” is to know how to start (and carry on) a great conversation… and always BE PREPARED.

That means continuously EDUCATE yourself – always have a few “hot” current topics in your back pocket and being well-versed on them and mentally rehearse them if you have to so that you can converse in a smooth, confident way.

Here’s a great way to make all of that happen:
I recommend always know the latest news and and then when you talk about it, mix it with some intelligent HUMOR.

For example:
Once you’ve started a conversation, if a woman says something like, “I don’t usually agree to go out with a guy I haven’t known enough,” be ready with a cocky / funny observation…

AND then make it highlight one of your personal qualities!
One of my favorite ways to do it is to say something like, “Great, I hope you know you have made a right decision to wait for the right person, me…”

See what’s happening there?

If you’re looking for a simple system for deploying the power of “Cocky & Funny” correctly EVERY TIME, 



No doubt about it: the biggest reason men have trouble with #1 and #2 is because they’re so TENSE… so NERVOUS… even SO SCARED when they meet a great woman.

And it’s all because they feel like there’s so much AT STAKE.
In other words, most guys are so worried that they’re going to “blow it” and embarrass themselves…

They sabotage themselves right from the beginning.
This is why I suggest that men look at EVERY first meeting with a woman as one of MANY to come…and then act accordingly!

Act like you’re meeting with a good buddy or an old friend for a casual outing… and then BEHAVE that way.
Imagine how you’d act on a first date if you were behaving like you KNEW with 100%-certainty that a woman already thought you were her Mr. Right…

What would you do?

  • You’d ask MEANINGFUL questions about her deeper interests and passions instead of making nervous “small talk.”
  • You’d PAY ATTENTION to her answers and follow up in smart, appropriate ways.
  • You’d REMEMBER what was important to her, and focus on those subjects

Okay, I know, I know…
“Imagining” all of this sounds like a big shift in the way most guys think…
It actually IS.

I know that deep down you already have a grip on what you need to do in order to be the “Mr. Right”, but you wouldn’t be able to do it all by yourself. Let me assist you and together we can do so much more.

Come and join me in my 12 weeks MAKEOVER PROGRAM! It’s a personal tailored one-on-one program; just you and me!
The program will only take once a week at your own convenient time. It will definitely suits you!

Once you can make change to your so- called “inner game” — it will result in a HUGE change in how easy it is for you to get the attention of great women.
In fact… it will start to happen AUTOMATICALLY!!!

This is your time to shine, I’m confident that EVERY part of your life will begin to run more smoothly.
You’ll begin to feel like you’re on “auto-pilot” as you make all of the right moves in life and with great women every time… just because it’s all coming naturally (from DEEP inside you) to do it!

I guarantee it: once this starts happening, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it…
and why did you wait so long to get it! 

Yours in love and happiness,

Katherine Wei

Kate xoxo

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