♥ I am going for a date tonight, what should I wear?”
♥ How can I make my first date memorable to make it to the second date?”

Hey dear, does this sound like one of your problem? Are you the person who always have trouble preparing for your first date?

Or are you the “whatever” person when it comes to dating? If so, you need to CHANGE!

Because, just by having these small changes, you can make your date more interested and want to know more about you, and eventually goes on to a real relationship!

As you know, the first impression is the most crucial part of a relationship as it dotes on whether you move forward or stop at where you are. So, put on one of the nicest clothes and get ready. But first, you can choose from these colours to show more of your personality.

What we wear, says a lot about who we are, or who we would like to be. What you choose to wear is what gives a first impression before you have had the opportunity to say a single word.

1. Red
If you are a bold, powerful and full of energy, then this is the right color for you. If you are trying to give a good first impression, red will be the best choice.

2. Blue
Likeable, trustworthy and smart. This colour gives the impression of being smart. This colors usually suits more for job interviews, but if your goals is to looks professional, then why not?

3. Black
If you want to show up being modern, classy and powerful than this is you. According to psychology, the black colour gives a “prestige” kind of impression. Also, it slims down your figure and might boost your confidence as well.

4. Pink
Soothing and romantic. Pink has the physiological effect to slow people down and more relax. For woman, it means they are showing their softer side; while for men, it means they are showing their confidence and masculinity.

5. Yellow
If you have a warm complexion; such as red, peach or yellow; then yellow will give you a nice impression. This colour gives off a happy and rick impression too.

6. White
This colour is the softest one as it evokes the impression of innocence. But usually, it’s more appropriate for work or social functions, so if you are really into white, try to mix it up with some other colours for your first date!

By knowing what type of impression that you want to show, your date will find it more intriguing and make them want to see you again and again. I strongly suggest you will look your best wearing colours you love. I don’t think any colour is truly out of style, if it is paired with other colours that compliment it well it can be a perfect choice!

Remember, the key is preparation. So make sure to prepare for the best!

yours in love & happiness;


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