Secret Ways to Attract Woman

Secret Ways to Attract Woman

“What should I do after she agrees on the second date with me? Should I keep talking to her at the moment or just end the date soon?”

Well, by understanding ATTRACTION will help you find the answer to this.

Attraction is one of my favorite topics… and I believe you should understand it if you want to be successful with women.

So before I get into the specifics, let’s talk about the underlying process that creates ATTRACTION…

1. ATTRACTION is not an option. It’s an emotional reaction.

ATTRACTION is nature’s way of controlling our brains and souls for long enough to insure that we mate with someone who has the best genes.

I know this sounds “clinical” and clichéd, but it’s the truth.

Attraction isn’t about you, her, or love. It has evolved over a long period of time and serves an important purpose.

2. ATTRACTION is irrational, in the sense that it isn’t obtained by factors that “should” deliver it.

Buying women dinner and gifts, lavishing compliments on them when you first meet them, and kissing up to them to gain their acceptance are all examples of “rational” things that SHOULD create attraction…but don’t.

When you realize how attraction works, you will notice that it has its own “reasoning.”

3. Women aren’t drawn to men acting needy.

When men overcompensate, seek approval, act pushy, or go out of their way to be overly “nice,” it usually backfires.

These men make women flee.

Sadly, many men are mentally programmed to be “Needy” mode of behavior when they encounter a woman who they’re attracted to.

When you combine this mode with nervous body language, you create an almost impenetrable barrier to ever producing ATTRACTION.

4. Too much of anything, can ruin your connection with a woman. 

You must recognize when to leave, end the call, or terminate the engagement.

Leaving at the perfect time sets the tone, tension, and mystery.


Of course, there are additional components to ATTRACTION, but these will serve as a foundation for where I’m going with this…

In any scenario, there’s really something you can do to INCREASE the ATTRACTION…and something you can do to DECREASE it. In other words, there’s always a chance to switch on this magical emotion.

And, yes, you can boost the ATTRACTION even if you’ve only just met. In fact, this is commonly the best time.

Let me ask you a question…

You are on your first date. You’re being Cocky and Funny, busting on her, etc. and she’s enjoying your company. You say “Hey, do you want to hang out other time?” and she agrees…


You could…

  • Sit there and continue the conversation.
  • Stay a little longer and talk to her a few more times.
  • Hang out in the hope that you’ll be able to go home with her.
  • Ending the date.

So, before I comment (or perhaps this will be the comment, we’ll see), let’s do some rational observation about the situation.

Situation 1

Sit there and continue the conversation, what’s likely to happen?

Unless you’re the ultimate Mac Daddy of all time, the only way to go is DOWN.

Think about it…you got her to say yes. You did it. You guys spent a long time chatting and it’s starting to feel dreadful which will probably make the conversation harder.

Then there’s the threat of saying or doing something foolish, getting too overwhelmed, or simply losing interest in the interaction.

Overall, you have a very low chance of anything good happening and a very high chance of something unpleasant happening.

To me, this does not sound attractive. ‘

Situation 2

Stay a little longer and talk to her a few more times, what is likely to happen?

Again, we’re in a scenario that almost cannot get any BETTER. Remember that she already gave you the information. “Oh, this is just another man who can’t get over the date with me,” she might think.

Or you could say stupid stuff, going too over and leave an odd impression…or any of a number of other things.

There are no upside benefits, only downside risks.

Situation 3

Hang out in the hope that you’ll be able to go home with her, I think you’re REALLY taking your chances in the situation.

Unless you’re the best pick-up artist of all time, you’re unlikely to take her home by spending extra hour…for the same reasons stated above.

Situation 4

You end the date after confirming the next date?
What effect does ‘playing it cool’ have on an interaction like this one.

Well, let me ask you: What effect does ‘playing it cool’ have IN GENERAL on people?

It arouses curiosity, mystery, and so on. It makes the other person wonder, “Where did he/she have to go so fast?”

You can also combine this with having something very INTERESTING to do. For example, you could say:

“Nice talking to you…I’m going to go meet up with some client and close some deals.”

This technique of leaving as soon as woman’s interest was captivated has worked AMAZINGLY well for many guys I know.

The long and short of this is if you stay after you’ve piqued their interest, you create no tension, mystery, or curiosity.

On the other hand, if you LEAVE promptly and have something impressive (even if you don’t say what it is) to do, you’re perceived as busy…the type of guy with a life…someone in demand.

Leaving turns up the ATTRACTION. It creates curiosity.

Women are used to men clinging to them, hanging around, and generally not have anything else to do.

It’s something that will IMMEDIATELY set you apart from the other guys, and it will convey all the perfect features in a decisive way.

Remember that you have the ability to INCREASE or DECREASE ATTRACTION in any particular scenario. I suggest start looking to how you can increase it as much as possible, because as long as there is the ATTRACTION, almost nothing else matters.

Let’s shift gears.

You can take CREATING ATTRACTION to the next level…all the way to the point of “getting physical” with a woman…

Some of my clients have gone from not being able to even TALK to a woman…to being able to approach any woman in any situation and have a VERY HIGH chance of getting a date with her…and even more.

If you’re reading this and pondering to yourself, “I’d really like to know how he does that,” then I’d like to reveal the secrets to you.

And I’d like to do it with NO Harm to you.


Go through the WHOLE LIST.


I assure that you will see Instant results. Women will react differently to you because you’re seeing things from a different perspective.

 Cheers to you and your future partner.

yours in love & happiness;

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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