Why am I still single?”

Why am I still single?

Have you been asking yourself this question? And have you really spent the time needed to really contemplate the reason why? Maybe you think that you are this successful man/woman, but why you can’t really attract people to stay with you.

Having been asked these questions many many times, I came out with these several mistakes that people do on their dates. It is right to the point and I saw in so many people, so it’s now some empty speculation.

1. You can be so Full of Yourself

People tend to feel they are right, that their thinking or feelings are true and refuse to accept a good, solid, workable answer from others. This leads up to them not opens to others or simply walk away. You then try to move on to another situation that you think might suit you most, and thinking that it will prove you right this time.

Well, there is actually no problem with being wrong and there is no way to change that. You just need to be more open and accepting. If you are smart enough and really want to be un-single, then you need to realize that you are not always right or always at the top of the list.

“If you can’t figure out how to be successful in dating, then the problem must not be solvable or worth solving.” Try that on for a self-defeating idea.

2. You don’t Communicate Socially

Some people don’t have many experiences with good social communication skills. It’s due to a lack of practice and the right learning source. You might be shocked if you know how many people came to me and don’t know the basic etiquette in communication.

Social skills are just that… skills. They’re not social information. They’re not social theories. They’re social SKILLS. And you don’t get them by thinking about them. You get them by getting them. And if you don’t work for it now, the chances of your success in finding a partner is pretty low., my dear.

3. You run and hide from your Fear and Emotions

You might not know this, but emotions are a very sensitive area of a person, it’s often their weakness. People are often immobilized by fear. Totally stopped. Frozen. And since people are not comfortable with dealing with things there are not good at, they just run away from the fear.

Many of my clients were so stuck in their bubble and would rather die lonely rather than admit the fear and accept the solutions offered to them.

If this sounds like you, then do yourself a big favour. Take the effort to change!
It’s not about what anyone else thinks about you; it’s about what you do to round off YOUR need.

I have seen so many people push away their dates just because of these reasons while hoping for them to run back to you and say you are right. Life doesn’t work that way, dear.

I want you to realize this and help yourself.

I know. This truth is harsh and it might be hard for you to swallow, but please, don’t get stuck on the old bubble. You are way better than that and you will be able to live the love life you dreamt of.

yours in love & happiness;

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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