Strategies for Attracting Man

Strategies for Attracting Man

There are many “strategies” for success and happiness in life, in love, in money – in every area of life.

These “strategies” are easily found everywhere. They give you basic ‘steps’, but then get all gummed up in our minds because we see it, yes, everywhere.
If you are a woman – mental “strategies” work against men.

Men do not respond to strategy, they do not respond to any mental activity on our part at all.

What men respond to is emotion.

Not “drama” (which is NOT emotion, but the “acting out” we learned to do as a last resort when we were children and couldn’t feel heard, much less loved) – but basic emotion, true feeling.

The “vibration” of a woman who is feeling something is WAY different from anything else a man encounters in his life.

He usually encounters anxiety, pretense, “stiff upper lip” and loads and loads of drama.


But honest, vulnerable emotion that is not being held back in mental chains or spewed all over him in some sort of “attack” is completely NEW for a man.

Nowadays, when we women are taught how to be like men (and our ideals seem to be progressing towards men), a woman living by her feelings is a rare thing.

And this rare woman is the one every man wants – regardless of her looks, her weight, her job, her IQ, or anything that men seem to value out there.


Love is different.

For a man, love has nothing to do with being attracted to worldly power.

For a man – attraction has everything to do with how he FEELS, in what is truly a soft-centred place for nearly every man, no matter how hard he tries to cover it up.

AND – it’s not how he feels about who YOU are that makes him feel love for you – it’s how he feels about HIMSELF when he’s with you.

In other words, if you make him feel like a heroic, awesome man – and he experiences you as a woman with a “high degree of difficulty” that’s conferring this heroic “honour” on him – he will fall in love with you.

The problem is, most of us have no idea how to accomplish this (quite easy) feat without pretending.

We are so caught up in our own anger, disappointment, past experiences, all the strategies we’ve learned, what we think we know and have been told about men – and our “authentic self” is so bound up with the modern world and everything going on around us – it’s no longer so easy for us to “drop down” into the basics of love and romance.


And these basics ARE “basic.”

Learn how to use those Tools to effortlessly create a completely new way for you to BE when you’re around a man.

You won’t have to think about it – in fact – the idea is for you NOT to think!

You’ll learn to trust your true, original, organic feminine self in such a way that your anxiety will drop away, your fear will become just another loved feeling you own, and every man will feel seen and heard by you on a deeper level than he’s ever experienced.

This is where love begins – and you’ll begin to see so much of it around you and inside you – you’ll wonder how you missed it all this time!



…here’s to feeling everything you feel, and having the man and relationship you want.

Yours in love and happiness,

Katherine Wei

Kate xoxo

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