Dating Etiquette

Dating Ethiquette


We generally admire people who we perceive to be better than us in areas that we value. Whatever your relationship is with someone you admire you are always trying to deepen it.
You can be admired for a number of reasons so to be more enticing to others work on becoming a better person.


We all have needs, goals, problems, aspirations, so it makes sense that we would be attracted to people who can help us with these, moving us closer to achieving our goals. Can’t be all things to all people but you can add value to their lives.


Insert yourself in his/her daily routine without appearing intrusive or obnoxious
Work on achieving a likable persona and developing the right traits
Learn about the person’s needs and work out how you can make a positive contribution to her life

Talk about each other’s

Goals and ambitions
Fears and pains
Beliefs and values
Relationship with family and friends
Expectation and guidelines for the relationship.


What’s worse than being out with a person who doesn’t have a good temperament? It’s a person who doesn’t have good manners. It doesn’t matter if you were raised in a majority male home or that you are in all male-dominated sports. A “please” and a “thank you” can a long way.

Be Vulnerable

Women need to see and experience that you are comfortable being open with them. Allowing her to encounter your vulnerability will increase trust.

And a final tip from Katherine

You have to be in there to win it. If you don’t want to be alone anymore, so you must act now.

I am looking forward to assisting you to find love to go into the warmer weather with someone special by your side.

yours in love & happiness;

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei
The Queen of Love

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