How To Choose The Best Matchmaker In Australia

How To Choose The Best Matchmaker In Australia

Experiencing the matchmaking process with a professional matchmaker by your side is both exciting and enlightening. However, with the number of matchmakers flooding the industry in Australia, it can be hard to separate the rookies from the experts. How do you choose a high-quality matchmaker that will help you define and achieve your goals in finding the right life partner? The following tips will help you select the right matchmaker to ensure a successful experience.


Choose a matchmaker that is involved in the interview and matching process. Your matchmaker should conduct an interview with you (whether in person or over the phone) to gain an understanding of who you are and the type of person you are seeking. Contact AJ Cross-cultural Matchmakers has been involved in the interview and matching process since its founding in 1985 and has interviewed more than 100,000 people.


Choose a small to medium-sized company over a large franchise. Many times when a matchmaking company turns into a national chain or franchise, it becomes more about sales quotas and profits than finding your life partner, well-known online dating companies are typical examples. Smaller companies normally stay true to the company’s core values, have a better understanding of their client-base, and have a matchmaker that has been with the company since its founding. Thus, personal matchmaker presents a much higher success rate compared to online dating websites.


Choose a matchmaker that has been in business for at least ten years. This is due to the fact that the matchmaking industry has exploded very recently, producing a large and unqualified amount of “matchmakers” who jumped in on the hype. However, it turns out that years in business is one factor that proves credibility, long-term success, and a quality client base. Contact AJ Cross-cultural Matchmakers has been providing personalized services for 33 years.


Choose a matchmaker with an extensive background in matchmaking. Always choose background and experience over “training.” Founder and CEO Katherine Wei Pigott, who was interviewed by SBS many times, is a reputable matchmaker and love mentor in both Asian and Australian communities.


Always choose a matchmaker that allows members to put their membership “on hold.” This means that when you meet someone you’d like to date exclusively, you can freeze your membership while exploring a relationship with that person. For example, Contact AJ allows its members to freeze their membership account up to 5 times during the duration of their membership without losing time or matches.


After all, is said and done, you need to make sure that you like your matchmaker. This is because you will be working directly with your matchmaker on a constant basis. Choose someone who knows how to listen to you and expresses a true passion and understanding of this very important area of your life.

Contact AJ is always here to help find the right partner for you. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you. Feel free to simply send an enquiry or call 0417558888.

Your Matchmaker & Love Mentor,

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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