Mistakes Men Easily Make With Women

Mistakes Men Easily Make With Women

Men can be frequently heard complaining about how difficult it is to know what a woman wants. And this lack of inside knowledge could be a reason why some men are prone to doing or saying the wrong things with their dates – again and again. So here are five of the most common mistakes men make with women and how to make sure that you avoid them.

Dismissing the importance of appearance

Women, in general, are prone to scrutinizing appearances minutely and reading volumes in what they see. Making sure you are well-groomed for your date – don’t have BO and come dressed like a gentleman.

Me, Myself and I

If you really want girls to be interested in you, try asking them about their favourite pastimes, their friends or the best vacation that they ever took.

Buying her extravagant gifts

Unless you are in a steady relationship with a woman, it is better to avoid lavishing extravagant gifts on her. keeping it subtle on the first few dates and let your gifts convey your thoughts for the person rather than be an excuse to show off your financial strength.

Insist that she split the bill

Paying on a date is not just about following social conventions but more an indication of your generosity of nature and ability to provide for another person in case you are looking for a relationship.

Convince her to like you

You probably know that women are looking for guys who are sensitive, responsible, financially responsible and with a sense of humour. Women are more wired to emotions, therefore it is how you act and make her feel that will determine her interest in you.

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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