“Sexual Communication” with Women

“Sexual Communication” with Women

What if I were to tell you that there was a secret language that men and women used to communicate sexual interest to each other?

And what if I were to tell you that if you knew that language you would be able to start making women feel attraction for you instantly, but if you didn’t know that language, women would instantly turn off and never give you a second chance?

What if I further told you that I could teach you this secret language of “Sexual Communication,” and it would instantly change your success level with women for the better?

As you know, truth is often stranger than fiction.

It was like trying to put a huge puzzle together in a dimly lit room, but I did it. And here are 5 amazing things that I figured out:

  1. There is a secret sexual language that is as real as the English language This language is the key to communicating on a sexual level with women. I call this language “Sexual Communication”.
  2. Women are very fluent in the language of Sexual Communication, but most men are not. Those men that are fluent in this language have incredible success with women. Those that aren’t fluent in it have universally failed with women.
  3. A woman can tell almost instantly if you know the language of Sexual Communication. If you do not know it, the door slams shut and she will not send or receive messages on this level with you in most cases ever.
  4. The attraction is a topic that very little is known about, yet it is a key to success with women and dating. If you don’t understand what Attraction is, how to trigger it, and how to amplify it, you will always have trouble with women.
  5. Many of the things that trigger Attraction in women are not what our moms taught us to do with women. They must be learned. A woman will never say “Hey, you’re doing the wrong thing here. You’re not making me feel Attraction for you right now with what you’re doing and saying.

I call this little-known language “Sexual Communication.” I feel that it’s one of the most important keys to success with women. In fact, I think that much of the success with women and dating is the direct result of learning and understanding this ONE concept.

Asian women are no different. Most Asian ladies rather enjoy subtle sexual appeal communications. So when you date an Asian woman, making healthy sexual compliments will arouse her interest.

Yours In Love & Happiness,

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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