Why “Yellow Fever” is getting higher in Australia?

Why “Yellow Fever” is getting higher in Australia?

There are always two things that come to mind whenever the topic turns to “yellow fever”. Most would think of the tropical, mosquito-borne disease that literally turns patients to a sickly yellow. But just look around, and realize that some other kind of “yellow fever” is infecting people to an unsettling degree.

This yellow fever is the romantic or sexual obsession of non-Asian males to Asian females, as observed and portrayed in popular culture. Oftentimes, we see the picture of a white man going great lengths to win an Asian woman’s heart.

Why more and more Caucasian men love to date or marry Asian women? There are some good qualities in Asian women who have been passed from generation to generation:

Asian women are charming. They are petite, soft and gentle. It is delighted to spend time with a woman who is charming and derives pleasure just from talking and listening to what you have to say.

Asian women are feminine. They are normally petite and slender with the delicate bone structure. They typically have smooth, silky, hairless skin. It is such a pleasure when they snuggle in your arms.

Asian women are gentle. They don’t bust your chops when you are home a little late or forget an anniversary. They let you know if they are unhappy with your behaviour, but it is typically done in a warm, friendly way so that arguments and hard feelings are generally avoided.

Asian women appreciate a gentleman. These women do not scold you and call you a male chauvinist when you hold open a door for them. They appreciate politeness and thank you for it.

Asian women value love and marriage. They do not believe in divorce. They believe in finding the right man and sticking by him, in good times and bad.

Asian women are family-oriented. Family is all-important. Husband and children come first.

Asian women value maturity in man. If you are older than you woman, that’s not a problem, it’s a plus. Maturity signifies wisdom, stability, experience and gentleness.

Research shows that many Caucasian men think Asian women make perfect wives. Anyway, the best way to form your opinion is through the first-hand experience when you are dating Asian women.

Yours In Love & Happiness,

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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