Cross-Cultural Relationships

Different challenges can arise in a multicultural marriage. Despite the cultural differences between two people, a multicultural marriage can be a success.
There will inevitably be some challenges and differences in a multicultural relationship.
The first step to success is accepting that there will be some issues, addressing them, and getting help if needed. There is less miscommunication when partners can come to the relationship with a ‘beginners mind’, in which no assumptions are made about what the other partner thinks or feels.
Couples can enhance their relationship by taking the opportunity to be curious and learn about their partner’s culture. Often partners feel they need to defend their own culture, but if each partner is respectful and offers a mutual exchange of sharing and listening, then defences tend to dissolve.
The best thing couples can do is discuss and identify the points where they think differences may come up before getting married. Some of these points are in-laws, parenting, working and employment, finances, expectations of each other and children.”

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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