How To Be The Best Version Of Myself – Male Over 40

How To Be The Best Version Of Myself – Male Over 40

Male attractiveness and aging (Over 40)

□It’s not just about attracting women but appearing strong, masculine so that you can attract not only sexual/romantic partners but also business partners
The more attractive you look and feel the more opportunities you will have:

Dress to impress – Start looking attractive. Research suggests that it’s not so much the age that turns a woman off but the presentation of the man. The more well-presented the greater the perception that the man standing before me is really interested in me.

Grooming -Take care of your body, take care of your teeth, skincare.

Confidence – Learn to develop it and maintain it. In forthcoming issues of our Newsletter, we will touch on how to develop self-confidence.

Your attitude shapes your behaviour. Are you prepared to make the effort to make an investment in your romantic future? If you feel that you need to use the tips provided to you above and you need to make some changes, then do it and reap the benefits!

yours in love & happiness;

Katherine Wei

Katherine Wei

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