When Is The Best Time To Give Flowers

We all know that women love gifts, especially Asian women, but how do you know when it is too soon to give her flowers? You don’t want to come across as too eager and look like a teenager, but you also want to do the right thing and show her that you really like her!

Should you give Asian women flowers on the first date?

The short answer is no! Though some men may think this is endearing, to women receiving flowers on a first date is a little awkward.  It’s also best to stay clear of flower giving on the second date.  When you hit your third date is an indication that all must be progressing well and it is the perfect time to give a bunch of flowers.

You have to remember that there are specific times when flowers are just about mandatory and times when they are not cool. The first or second date is a little uncool, but any other time is usually OK.

  • You messed up: Mandatory occasions include times when you have upset her or made a serious mistake and need to literally beg her forgiveness. Nothing says ‘I’m sorry’ quite like a fresh bouquet of flowers, so you need to suck it up and deliver the goods.
  • Birthdays/anniversaries: Again, gifts are great, but flowers are expected. After all, you are dating her, so you want to please her.  Flowers have the power to always makes a woman smile.
  • Valentine’s Day:  Mandatory.  Even if you think its a commercial over-rate day, flowers on Valentine’s day is simply a must.

Flowers melt an Asian woman’s heart

Once you have special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day on your scorecard, you need to remember one of the great secrets in life – women love flowers. So it really doesn’t matter if there is no occasion at all. If you turn up on a date with a bunch of flowers and a sheepish smile on your face, you cannot go wrong guys.

It’s best not to do this too frequently, certainly not on a regular basis, just keep it random and natural. However, if you like this woman and you really want to keep it going, you cannot go wrong with flowers every now and again, just to show her that you care.

Katherine Wei

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